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The Society for Preservation of Israel Heritage Sites was established for locating, restoring and preserving heritage sites in Israel that symbolize the rebirth of the Jewish State. Today, SPIHS serves as the umbrella organization for all heritage sites in Israel. SPIHS oversees 130 sites from the Galilee to the Negev and from Jerusalem to the Mediterranean Sea.
We work with SPIHS on specific projects such as the general SPIHS folder, the Atlit Detention Camp fund raising brochure, email greetings and banners.


Atlit Detention Camp | Fundraising Brochure

The Illegal Immigration Camp in Atlit is a national monument operated by The Society for Preservation
of Israel Heritage Sites and serves as an educational center for teaching about the illegal immigration
to Palestine.
I was commissioned to design the brochure within a fundraising framework for establishing a memorial for the fallen illegal immigrants on the grounds of the Illegal Immigrant Camp in Atlit. As part of the center that is to be built, the Kladovo Sabac immigrants will be remembered, and their story is told
in this brochure.
The pictures and letter exerts that are shown in the brochure were collected from the items in the victims’ families’ archives.



Projects photography by Shai Gertzman.
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