MOJI – Museum of Jewish Ideas | Brand Identity

MOJI is a completely new type of Jewish museum devoted to Jewish ideas that have changed the world‭, ‬
and confronts the question of what the contribution of Jewish ideas may be in‭ ‬
the future‭.‬ MOJI is modular‭, ‬advanced‭, ‬portable museum space that can be dismantled and move anywhere in the world‭.‬
The 600 sqm mobile museum designed by ZTLV Architects, concept design and multimedia content by DiskInPro.

The logo reflects the unique architectural shape of the museum, cutting-edge, mobile form, and implies to the infinite spectrum of ideas moving the world for 3,000 years.

Projects photography by Shai Gertzman.
© Copyright Vered Shapira 2022