Migdal Insurance Company | Brand Hierarchy

During a long and in-depth process with leading branding companies, the Migdal company created two parallel brand languages: One for the internet and the other for all print material. When they identified a further need to unify these two languages in 2009, we worked with Sadna (Pionet Group) to come up with a solution that would create a basic coherence between the two visual languages. The project included creating one unified visual language and a logical, coherent brand hierarchy across all their interfaces.
Work with Migdal from 2009-2010 included updating their brand book, graphic and photographic language expansion, stationery design, icons, monthly statements envelopes, intra-organizational branding
and more.


Migdal | Intra-Organizational Branding

A need arose to develop a communications language for Migdal HR sphere derived from the brand, while at the same time differentiated from it. We wanted to create an accessible, internal organizational language that was simple to implement for a variety of activities and purposes for the HR department. The language would create a unified, differentiated look that was identifiable as part of the organization’s internal communications brand.


Migdal Capital Markets | Visual Language

The Migdal Insurance Company went through a branding process that included building a unique unified visual line for the company.
Migdal Capital Markets and its allied companies weren’t part of this process and their promotional and marketing materials were designed based on the particular marketing needs of each company, without regard for uniform guidelines. Migdal Capital Markets came to us in 2011 when the need arose to formulate a common graphic language and a coherent brand hierarchy across the various interfaces.
The project included finding unifying visual solutions, updating the logo, and creating a basic brand book for use within the company. We also designed the company’s conference rooms.

Projects photography by Shai Gertzman.
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