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Shalom Hartman Institute | A Jewish Center of Transformative Ideas and Teaching

The Shalom Hartman Institute address the major challenges facing the Jewish people in the goal of elevating the quality of Jewish life in Israel and around the world.
The rebranding project included a logo update, stationery for the institute’s Israel, North America and Canadian branches, brochures design, program pages, summer program materials, conference invitations, website design and updates, online experience, ads, rollups, annual report, signage and more.


iEngage | Engaging Israel Project

Bringing Jewish communities around the world into a dialog on the establishment of a new narrative for Jewish values and ideas that encourage Jews to engage with Israel and to act on the vision they believe can and ought to shape the modern Jewish nation and its policies.
For this lecture series package and collateral, we created a collage of images reflecting diverse Israeli and Jewish political, economic, and cultural issues. The design captures the complexity of the variety of issues covered by the series. The design project included DVD/USB packages, labels, inserts, book covers and grid, flyers, brochures, banners, rollups, a folder and a website.


Peoplehood and its Role and Significance in Jewish Life | 9 DVD Lecture Series

In this new series, senior Hartman Institute faculty members delve into the idea of Jewish Peoplehood – its complex origins, its implications and how it might be sustained – an issue of wide concern in the Jewish community today. The concept of a “Jewish collective” appears at odds with the contemporary ethos of intense individualism. The triangle tapestry creates different shapes and combinations — one large image or many small individual ones, conveying the lecture series idea.


Dilemmas of Faith | DVD lecture series

Dilemmas of Faith lecture series addresses the big questions raised by the intersections of faith and reason, faith and history, faith and politics, and the faith experience. We chose one strong image that delivers the idea of choice and spirituality to represent this lecture series design, with a layer of transparent random triangles to create a more complex thought-provoking layout. The series includes ten curricular units on DVD or USB, book covers, flyers, rollup and more.


Midrashiya High School for Girls | Promotion Information Brochure

Established in 2007, the Midrashiya High School for Girls has successfully implemented an authentic and coherent educational vision that fuses respect for Jewish tradition and learning with an obligation to halakha and feminist ideology.
We wanted to create a unique flyer that reflects the holistic environment of the school and communicates its benefits in a clear way.

Projects photography by Shai Gertzman.
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