Reserve Series | Labels

A new design for the flagship Dalton Winery Reserve series. We took design inspiration from the vistas and fauna of the Galilee surrounding the winery. The deer that regularly wander through the vineyards and are part of the winery’s environment, were chosen as design elements on the new wine’s label. The deer symbolize beauty, lightness, dignity and modesty. The illustration was done by Gabriella Barouch, a talented and highly acclaimed illustrator. The label is sophisticated and prestigious, and mirrors the high quality of the wine.


Reserve Magnum Special Edition | President Peres Birthday

The Dalton winery was honored by a visit of Mr. Shimon Peres, President of Israel, who came to celebrate his 87th birthday at the winery. We specially designed dedicated magnum bottle labels in honor of his birthday. A limited number of bottles were sold for charity. The illustration of Mr. Peres was done by Yonny Zafrani.


Dalton Winery | Poster


Single Vineyard | Labels

The expansion of a series that was originally designed by Ernesto Bijovsky at Neogroup.
The series expanded to additional single vineyards. Within the framework of the existing design, we looked for a way to differentiate between the vineyards and the grape varietals. We decided to broaden the color palate and to create a unique icon for each vineyard. It was important for us to preserve the design that reflected the high quality of the wine from both a design and a production perspective.


Safsufa Series | Labels

Safsufa wines are premium “Mevushal” (kosher) blends that are sold mainly out side of Israel. These new labels modernize the packaging with an up-beat look and a high-quality feel. We achieved the effect with a combination of offset printing, embossing and selective varnish using a silk-screen process.

Dalton D 1Dalton_D1_790px-wide

D Series | Labels

The Dalton (“D”) series includes over 10 red and white wines. They are beautifully balanced and made for immediate enjoyment, yet complex enough to improve with age. The design echoes the refined skill of winemaking. The new labels reflect sophistication and elegance.


Yuvalim Series | Labels

Yuvalim in Hebrew means “little stream”. The visual idea represents the little streams and tributaries that meander through the Galilee. This wine series is available in Israel, mainly in restaurants.


Anna | Label and Box

Anna is a Muscat liqueur made using the solera method. It’s named after Anne Haruni, the matriarch of the Haruni family, owners of the Dalton winery. The wine is available in limited quantities only. We decided to follow the original Matatia label design and created the feminine version of the series. The illustration of Mrs. Haruni was done by Yonny Zafrani.

Projects photography by Shai Gertzman.
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